A woman who trusts a Lord

There are times when the burdens of life are so heavy and so hard to carry that I feel I am crumbling under the pressure. And all I can do is cry desperately before the Lord. But the promise found in Psalms 55:22 has been a source of strength and encouragement in this season, because when we’ve faced all sorts of problems, whether big or small, I have run back to this verse. How many times have I come to this verse before the Lord?

“Cast your burden on the Lord”. Here it is Lord, take it. I can’t do it. It’s too much for me.

“And He shall sustain you”. Yes Lord, You will sustain me.

Today, I want to remind you that trusting in God brings peace to your heart. When we trust our Heavenly Father, we put our faith in Him and have rest and peace because we know He is by our side and helps us.

Do you have a burden? When the burdens come, don’t carry them. Cast them upon the Lord. Let God carry your burdens. This is a promise to memorize, claim and hold on to!

I want to share with you a little bit of my life story… More than 14 months ago, the world I thought was under God’s control, crumbled in my hands when my beloved husband, Luis Alejando Rey Cala, passed away and went to heaven after a devastating heart attack.

Everything I knew, the affection, protection and care provided by a man who expressed his love through his service his entire life,was gone. The biggest shock of my life occurred as I began to face the challenge of continuing my life without the love of my life!

Only the revelation of the Word of God helped me make the determination to trust completely in the Holy Spirit to be able to live on this earth according to the will of God.

Thanks be to God that to this day, we have not lacked bread on the table. He has provided and protected us, and His eternal love for me and my beautiful daughters has been abundantly available. Because His love is more than enough!

Today, I want to encourage you to surrender your life at the feet of the Lord and to entrust into His hands what you are and what you want to be. In the G12 Courageous Women’s Conference, we will experience a time where we will be clothed in God’s power,and that’s why Pastors Cesar and Emma Claudia Castellanos extend this special invitation to you. Don’t miss out on this great time!

This will be a time to receive restoration, Vision, and power. You will learn not only how to be clothed in faith and anointing to face your battles, but also how to be used greatly by God where He has called you to have influence.

You are that Courageous woman who trusts in the Lord and rises up to be used by Him!

With love,
Rossemarie Rizzo Martínez
MCI Pastor

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