Bravery, strength, motivation, momentum, and Vision; these are a few characteristics that a Courageous woman, who is not afraid to conquer every area of her life, possesses.

God had a specific plan for Esther and made her into a Courageous woman to save her people. From that moment on, she had to enlarge her Vision and understand that she was part of a bigger plan… God’s plan!

Esther could have chosen one of two paths. The first was to give up and do nothing in regards to the situation her people were facing. The second was to understand that God had called her for that very moment and that she needed to create a strategy and take action holding on to her God´s hand (Esther 4:16).

Esther and the people of Israel obtained victory thanks to the power of God and a woman who had His Vision and the courage to carry it out.

When God called you, He separated you, not just to belong to His kingdom, but also to be a part of His plan for your city and field of influence. You are an influential and courageous woman, a woman who is part of the Vision to conquer what seems impossible.

A woman who has Vision can achieve anything! The Vision allows her to have the tools to make the impossible possible.

  • Visualize.
  • Pray.
  • Strategize.
  • She feels useful and part of God’s plan.
  • She sees herself like God sees her.
  • She is influential.
  • She knows what God has called her to.

Just like Pastor Ruth Jimena, your life can be transformed by the G12 Vision. That is why you cannot miss out on this Women’s Conference 2022, because you are an important part in God’s plan!

Pastors Cesar and Emma Claudia Castellanos invite you to this week of power and courage!

Be the woman of courage and vision that this world needs!