In our G12 Women’s Conference, you will be able to prepare yourself to be that woman full of strength and courage that this world needs. Pastors Cesar and Emma Claudia Castellanos invite you to a week-long event where you will be transformed into an Esther, a woman of strength, vision, strategy, and action. Your time is now!




Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sign up for the Women's Conference?

Go to, click sign up, choose the conference option that is best for you (In-person or Online), register a user, fill in your information, and make your donation.

What are the methods of payment?

Attendees completing their registration in Colombia can make their donation using PSE, credit/debit card, or cash (creating a payment reference when you sign up). Attendees completing their registration outside of Colombia can make their donation with a cred/debit card or with Paypal.

In what languages will there be translation?

Spanish and English will be available for both In-person and Online conferences.

What is the In-person conference?

You will have online access to the event’s broadcast platform from Monday morning to Wednesday at noon. As of Wednesday afternoon, you will participate in the conference at the G12 Conference Center. You will need your badge and wristband to get in to the event. There is only in-person access from Wednesday from 5 pm to Friday at 9 pm.
*After Wednesday morning you will no longer have access to the online conference.

What is the Online Conference?

You will have online access to the event’s broadcast platform from Monday at 8 am to Friday 9 pm.

*Access will be granted to the email you signed up with.

How can I log in to the Online conference?

Go to the official website of the event: and click ONLINE LOGIN, which you can access with the email you signed up with when you made your donation.

How does group sign up work?

Group leaders or pastors can make the request via email at so that the advisor can contact them and coordinate the details. After making the request and donation, the list of access codes of the requested amount will be sent via email so that they can be redeemed on the website. *Requests can only be made for groups of 20 people or more.

Where can I sign up for the conference, besides online?

In our G12 Conference Center, near the entrance of Av. Americas, there is a help desk where you can sign up during our weekend services.

Is there an infirmary?

There is a service point enabled. Ask the security officers or orientation personnel who are located at the main access doors of the auditorium for the exact location.

How long will the sermons be available online after the conference?

Sermons will be available for one week after the event has finished. If you would like to have the sermons available to you for one year, subscribe to G12 TV.

Información Convención Kids:

  • Kids Conference: The Miracles of Jesus.
  • Cost:$85.000 COP. Includes the use of the learning spaces in the MCI Kids Zone, the teaching materials, and two snacks during the day (one in the morning and one in the afternoon).
  • Ages 4-10, maximum capacity 200 kids.
  • Link where you can complete the registration:
  • This event does not include breakfast or lunch. Parents are to pick up their children at that time (especially lunchtime). If parents would like, they can send extra snacks for their kids.
  • Kids Zone Hours: Wednesday, May 4th, from 5:30 pm to 9 pm. Thursday, May 6th, and Friday, May 7th, during the morning and afternoon sessions, in agreement with the hours of the conference schedule.

Covid Recommendations:

To avoid the spread of COVID-19, please follow these guidelines:

  • Keep a safe distance from others (one meter, minimum).
  • Use your face covering, especially inside or when social distancing is not possible.
  • Wash your hands often. Use soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • Follow the vaccination guidelines given by the local authorities.
  • If you need to cough or sneeze, cover your mouth and nose with your elbow or with a tissue.If you are not feeling well, please stay home.