This past year has been a very confrontational year for me, especially regarding my calling and what I am doing to fulfill it. During this time, when the world is torn between fear and death and cries out for a voice of hope to lift them above the circumstances, I pray that my voice would be relevant and influential. I pray that my actions and words surpass my limits and be heard in this generation.


As a child, I always dreamt of being important and famous. I wanted to be on TV (don’t tell anyone!), or be the president, and change the world. In fact, when I met Jesus I chose my professional future with the intention of being an instrument for God. In Him, I found purpose and destiny. But as the years go by it´s easy to get comfortable in a season of our life (wife, mother, daughter, housewife, professional, leader, pastor) and that is when the Lord, once again, touches our hearts to remind us that we´re not finished yet and that we were given a voice for this time.


I recently read the story of a woman who was relevant and influential in her generation, Ida Scudder (1870-1960). She was a doctor and missionary who set out to change the lives of thousands of women in India. Although she grew up in a missionary environment, the last thing she wanted was to live in Asia. But one night, where she saw three young girls die, was enough to ignite compassion and love for Indian women who died due to the absence of doctors or nurses to care for them. This was so because their culture prohibited them to be cared for by a male doctor, and much less, foreigners.

She took action and overcame her limits. She studied medicine, collected funds, and went to India. She founded the first hospital for women and a University called the Christian Medical College of Vellore, where she equipped women for the medical field. Her legacy remains today, the British and American governments recognize her contribution to Indian women’s public health. Throughout her 90 years, she understood that God’s love was a relevant voice that was heard and that brought salvation and healing to thousands of people.


We find a very interesting example of this in the Bible. The daughters of Zelophehad, Mahlah, Noah, Hoglah, Milcah, and Tirzah were five young women who could not access the inheritance their father left them when he died because they were women and did not have a brother. In a ¨macho¨ and unfair culture, these women raised their voices and overcame fear. They went to Moses and the government of their day to claim their inheritance, speak for the women of their country, and say that what was done to them was not fair. Their voice was relevant and it was heard. God spoke to Moses and he told them that they were right, “It isn´t fair“, and from that moment on, all the women of Israel were given the right to receive inheritance again.

These relevant women accomplished what no one had ever even tried to do. They recovered their inheritance and changed the laws for the women of an entire nation (Number 27).


I am convinced that this is the time for women like Ida Scudder or the daughters of Zelophehad. Women like you and me, empowered in God and the power of His Spirit. It´s time to overcome fears, remove limits, get out of our comfort zone, and choose to be relevant and influential with a voice that will be heard in this time.


Pastor Luisa Del Río

Scripture to study:


  • Pray and ask the Lord to show you how you can expand your circle of influence.
  • Make a list of actions that would help you expand this circle of influence.
  • Commit to going the extra mile to be a relevant woman in your closest circles.