Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamt as most of us have surely, of having a big, strong family. But most importantly, I wanted a steadfast family that would remain united despite the winds, rain, and storms. The impressions that can be forged inside the home, especially in the first years of life, are unimaginable. What we see, hear, and do will undoubtedly mark who we will become. I decided in my heart that being a mother is an eternal purpose that cannot be delegated. Each child is unique, and a safe and straight path must be built so they can navigate through life. We came to the Lord and understood through the Word that every question and challenge has an answer. However, it is not enough to find a verse or and say it, it must be lived, imparted, and made part of our daily lives in our routines at home. Iván Camilo, Juan Sebastian, and Santiago grew up listening to the Word of God and melodies of praise and worship. They learned to love reading, to keep their matters organized, and to guard their hearts as their most valuable treasure. We have had wonderful moments and some very difficult ones; we have faced sickness, death, and scarcity together, but we are still here by the Grace of God.


Today, I am overjoyed to see that same mark being left in Ezequiel, Mariana, and Emanuel´s hearts, who are our grandchildren.

Susanna Wesley was an English woman (1669-1742) whose influence has touched many corners of the world. She was the youngest of a family of 25 children and grew up in a home of believers. Although she received no formal education, her father and siblings taught her how to read, and she acquired admirable knowledge. At the age of 19, she married Samuel Wesley, who spent a lot of time away from home. She took on the responsibility of educating her children, practically alone. She had 19 children although nine of them died in the first years of their lives. This brave woman, despite having so much work around her home, always found the time to dedicate an exclusive moment to each of her children. She was also able to give them all an excellent traditional and biblical education. Although education for girls was limited at the time, she taught her daughters exactly the same as her sons.


In a house full of children, where it was difficult to find a quiet place, she was prioritized her relationship with God, dedicating two hours every day to fellowship with the Lord and reading His Word. She would take her bible, find her favorite chair, and cover her head with an apron. Everyone at home knew what this meant and wouldn’t interrupt her unless it was an emergency. On Sunday afternoons she taught her children about the Bible, but her knowledge and ability to communicate the Word made many others want to attend her family studies. Two of her children, Charles and John, revolutionized Christianity thanks to the training they received at home.


Establishing communion with the Lord as part of your life in a genuine, visible, and practical way will be the best example you can give your generations. Reading of the Word, having quality time with each family member, and God´s love in you will make you that wise woman who builds her house. Remember that we are women of Influence!


Pastor Claudia Wilches

Scripture to study:


  • Establish a prayer route for you (personally), and one for your family.
  • Schedule to have quality time with each of your children at least twice a month, a special time to listen to them and teach them life principles.