There´s a night I will always remember. I was going through a difficult time because my parents had recently separated and I was in a toxic relationship with someone from college, with whom I was trying to fill the void in my heart. I remember feeling so alone that night, so lost and without a purpose that I locked myself in my room and could not stop crying. I started talking to the God of heaven, saying “I don’t know if I deserve You to listen to me. But God, if You have a purpose for me, I ask You that he would break up with because I can´t get out of it, and give me the strength to bear the pain”.

Forty-eight hours didn´t even go by and this young man broke up with me for no reason. It was a very difficult time for me, but in my mind, all I could think about was that prayer I made from the bottom of my heart, ¨If you have a purpose for me¨. At that moment I gave my life to the Lord, fell madly in love with Jesus, and received fulfillment and happiness. God put a leader in my life who was very supportive and we became very good friends. We never imagined what would happen a few years later: he fell in love with me and I fell in love with him. Oh yeah! I married my leader! He had known the Lord for much longer so when I came to church, he had a large ministry and I was just the new girl.

In the beginning, I struggled a lot with thinking that I didn´t measure up to be in ministry. Because I felt I wasn´t enough, fear paralyzed me. Have you ever felt insufficient to meet the responsibilities you´ve been given? I know exactly what that feels like!! I did things in my own strength so many times and was very frustrated because I didn´t see results.

Today, I want to talk to you about a woman that will immediately impact you with her story.

Can you imagine what this woman, who dreamt of being a missionary, felt when she gave it all up to help her husband build his ministry? What would it have felt like to know that she had all the potential to achieve something great, but had to settle for just being a mother of 5 children? The woman I am telling you about is Ruth Graham. If we look at her life from the human point of view, many would say what she did was irrational. But when we look at her life in the light of the Word, she did one of the most influential things a woman can do: let go of her dream so that her family´s purpose could be accomplished. Her husband, Billy Graham, was considered the most influential man of this century. I love what he always said about her, ¨My biggest influence has been my wife, Ruth, without her it would not have been possible for me to get where I am.¨

Wow! Who does that? Let go so someone else can grow? When John the Baptist saw Jesus he said, ¨He must increase, but I must decrease¨. But our greatest example of this was Jesus Himself, in that being God He became an obedient servant in order to fulfill His purpose.

How willing are you to let go so that Jesus can grow in your husband, your children, your family, or in those around you?

Do you know when I stopped feeling like I wasn´t enough or that I would never measure up? The day I fully let go so that Jesus would grow in me. I gave up traveling, opportunities, and my career (that was just me, don’t take it literally). I’ve also given up everything God has asked me to, for Jesus to grow in me and in my family.

The more you let go of yourself, the more God is glorified. He will take you to unimaginable places where you can influence others, not because of who you are or your talents, but because of how big God is in you. I have seen the beginning of the fulfillment of God’s purpose in my life every day I have the opportunity to breathe.

The only thing it took was for me to decrease so He would increase.


With love,
Fanny Flechas

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  • Today, we will have a different kind of challenge! You are going to think of three people you can help, you are going to let go of what you´ve planned for yourself and serve them with acts of kindness so they can be blessed.