I got married very young, and my family quickly began to grow, as did the financial commitments. Every day was a struggle for my husband and me. We lived hard times as a couple because of hurtful words, actions that wounded the other person´s heart, and things I never thought I would live in my own home. It was like a boat that was being crushed by the waves and on the brink of sinking. But God´s plan was still in motion.


My husband encountered Jesus in a cell group, he fell to his knees and when he stood up he truly was another man! For a long time, I didn´t believe he had changed. The deep wounds in my heart didn´t let me see what God had done in him. For this reason and because of the many arguments at home, time later I asked him to leave. Frustrated, he took his bags and walked out. My heart began to beat very fast as I saw him leave the house, and at that moment God used his life to bring conviction of sin to mine. He turned around and said, ¨May the Lord deal with you, Mariela¨. I didn’t let much time pass and those words echoed in my head. I felt God reveal Himself to my life and the fear of the Lord came to me. I fell to my knees and said, “Esteban, show me your God and teach me how I can have a relationship with Him.” From that day on my life was completely different.


God used those great difficulties in our home to lead us to Him, and He became my biggest and safest refuge. In God, I found the hope, love, and perseverance to believe that everything would be okay. Every time the waves have crashed against us, though my boat moved, God has been present. He is the God of yesterday who came to meet me, the God of today who has sustained us, and the God of tomorrow in Whom I can be confident.


There is a woman we can learn a lot from, her name is Kim Sunghae Cho, wife of Pastor David Yonggi Cho, and known by many as ¨Omani¨, which means ¨mom¨ in Korean.

Although Kim played different roles throughout her life: wife, mother, pianist, composer, piano teacher, president of Hansei University, writer, and preacher, she did not have an easy start. “In the sea of life, there are storms that threaten …” (The Lord above the waves; Kim Sunghae, 2013). Kim had to face different storms that at times almost sank her boat: poverty, illness, loneliness, and shyness, among others. But in the midst of every circumstance, she chose to cling to God and trust His grace. She understood that the storms and difficulties could be a blessing if she chose to call on the name of the Lord wholeheartedly.


Every step she took forward, brought with it difficulties that led her to grow in prayer and her cry to God. She remained steadfast in the promise knowing that we won´t sink because God glorifies Himself in our difficulty.



You may be going through a storm and feel your boat sinking. This is when you must remember that in the midst of the storm you need to look to the Lord. He is the one who holds you with His powerful hand, therefore, cling to His words. Remember that we experience the miracle of God when we´re on our knees because He always comes to our aid. God does not abandon us in the middle of a storm!


Pastor Mariela

Scripture to study:


  • Read the verses above, highlight the promises and confess them in prayer as well as throughout your day.