Twenty-one years ago God told us to leave our land and kin and go to the city He would show us. Just a few weeks later, we left for our promised land: Durango, Mexico. We set off with big dreams and started a church we pastored. My husband and I often spoke about growing old together and serving God by fulfilling the calling He had given us as a family.


Five years ago, the unthinkable happened. My children and I received the news of the sudden and unusual death of my beloved husband. Receiving this kind of news was very painful and unsettling. I didn´t know how to pray, or what to think; I felt everything was crumbling down. For weeks I felt like I walking on air…I couldn´t find stable ground to walk on. I felt I was living life in slow motion. I cried many tears, but I learned to cry in the presence of God, for He gave me real and deep comfort. Then, I began to experience supernatural strength as I discovered a new facet of who God was for me and my children. He helped me not give up. I got to know Him as my Husband, the Father of my children, my Guide, and my Teacher. I learned to take a bigger dose of His Word, which gave me a new nature and dimension of faith. We started to see His hand move in every area of our lives. We learned that His plans and thoughts for us are much higher and greater than ours.


Now I can say, “Blessed crisis that made me grow and depend on Him.” The pain started to turn into a great blessing, and even though I miss my husband, I can still say, ¨Glory to God for that day that transformed me and my kids´ lives¨. Now I enjoy being the pastor God always thought I was. As a family, we carry out the LEGACY MY HUSBAND LEFT, believing that God brought us to this earth to make a lasting mark, preaching the precious gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to this generation.

I was greatly impacted by the story of a woman called Elizabeth Elliot. She was born in Brussels but grew up in the United States. Inspired by her parents´ missionary work, she wanted to follow in their footsteps and started studying Greek at her university. She hoped to one day translate the Bible in a simple way to unknown dialects and take the Word to those who didn´t have the opportunity to read It.


She met Jim Elliot at their university and wed him in 1953 in Ecuador. Three years later, he was assassinated by a dangerous indigenous tribe he was trying to evangelize, leaving Elizabeth widowed with a small baby. Despite this very difficult experience, Elizabeth DID NOT GIVE UP. When everyone expected her to go home, she chose to stay until she was able to preach to the tribe, expressing her genuine love for them. Her life and dedication as a missionary give us an example of what God can do in the midst of pain: turn it into a blessing.


Just like she was an inspiration to many, you can also be it and influence thousands of women if you learn how to respond to difficult times of crisis and pain.


LET GOD HEAL YOUR HEART! Give it all, just like Elizabeth, doing so allows you to help those who need it.


Pastor Silvia Howard

Scripture to study:


  • If you are in a time of crisis or pain, allow the Holy Spirit to start this process of healing in your heart.
  • Surrender everything to God and find refuge in Him.
  • Don´t try to understand everything, just rest assured that if you love God, He will use this for your good.
  • Submerge yourself in prayer and the Word, let that be your medicine. Take the biggest dose: morning, afternoon, and night.