I´ll never forget the day my husband pulled over on the side of the road; I asked, ¨What’s wrong honey, why did you stop the car?¨. ¨We´re going to pray because from now on, this will be our promised land.¨ he answered. We had been traveling for eight hours and the moment we had been waiting for had arrived; we were entering the state of Valle del Cauca. It was just the two of us and God’s promise that would sustain us.


We arrived at the beautiful city of Santiago in Cali. Everything was so different, beginning with the weather. It was the warmest time of the year and it felt like my body had not been designed to bear such heat. Besides, whose idea was it to call ¨Palmiers¨ (heart shaped puff pastry cookies) ¨ears¨, or to call ¨cookies¨ ¨cucas¨, or instead of saying ¨snack time¨ say ¨it´s time for something¨? I thought to myself, ¨These people are very strange¨. The saddest thing was to find myself face to face with the orphanhood of hundreds of kids. They had been abandoned by their parents who wanted to get rich fast and left without thinking about the pain this would cause. I never imagined that this would be the place of my blessing, the place where I would hear the words ¨you are my mother-pastor¨ over and over again, and the place where God would give me two children. Just like the Bible says, ¨The one who was never in labor will shout in happiness¨.

I read about the life of Amy Carmichael, born in 1867 in North Ireland, and a missionary in India. I don’t know if I could have lived there. For Amy, it wasn’t a problem to learn their language, dress in Indian clothing, die her hair dark brown with tea bags and coffee, and live among the Indian women. Because of the immense poverty, it was common for parents to sell their children to prostitution in the temples, believeing they would find favor with the gods. This made Amy an advocate for the children; for five decades she helped rescue and raise more than one thousand children who grew up loving Jesus. They felt so loved by her that they called her, ¨Amma¨, which means ¨mom¨ in the tamil language. Amy knew that India was the place of her blessing, and that serving was the result of a deep love for God and the souls who did not know the gospel.


Even though Amy faced great opposition, her efforts and unceasing work as a social reformer led to the modification of the Indian law to protect children from abuse. She spent the last 20 years of her life in bed writing books and poems that circled the world. Every one of her written works had the same theme: We have been saved to serve.


What an inspiring woman and legacy! Her life reminds us that the best way to invest our lives is in the place God puts us. As we read her story, we might ask ourselves, Am I in the place the Lord prepared for me to walk with Him? Are you inspired by Amy´s life to take the gospel to other women and girls in a vulnerable condition? Today we give thanks for Amy´s life and for every woman who untiringly shares the gospel and works to defend the rights of the most underprivileged.


Martha Iriarte

Scripture to study:


  • Ask the Holy Spirit to show you how you can serve others, write it down on a sheet of paper, and commit to do it.
  • According to your abilities, share the love of God to another woman in a creative way and share it using the hashtag #WomenOfInfluence