Have you ever asked yourself what is God´s plan for your life? For many years, I asked myself this same question. I was born in a Christian family, I have amazing parents, and since I was a little girl I have seen big miracles. But even so, I always asked myself what God wanted to do with me.


I think we all go through moments where we ask ourselves what´s next and what is the plan God has for our lives. There´s a chance you might be feeling this way now, and I want to share with you what I´ve discovered in recent years.


Finding your purpose is a process. God always shows us what we should do and where we should be little by little. As this process goes on, it´s important to continue working on yourself because you never know when God is going to call you, and you always need to be ready.


What can you do while you wait? Strengthen your relationship with God, work on your character, renew the way you think, or simply enjoy the process! God has everything under control.


Finding your purpose is an act of faith. To live and walk in Him, you will always need to leave things behind, and for that, you need faith. Four years ago, the Lord called my husband and me to leave behind my birth country, Holland, and start a church in Spain. I had to leave my family, my job, my comfort zone, and arrive at a country where I did not know its culture, its people, or its language. It was a huge challenge, but my faith in God and His purpose gave me the courage to say ¨yes¨ to my calling.


Dear woman, what do you need to leave behind? Maybe it´s not your country, but a sad memory, a toxic relationship, a destructive habit, negative thoughts, envy, and/or comparison. To truly abandon everything, you need faith to believe that everything you leave behind for the sake of your purpose will be rewarded.

In finding your purpose, you will impact the lives of others. When I obeyed God´s call, though it was not easy at the time, I was later able to see how it impacted so many people. Today, I have the privilege of being a pastor and seeing so many lives transformed by the message of Jesus. When you determine to believe as a woman, work on yourself, and take steps of faith, your influence will be multiplied and you will impact hundreds of people around you.


I admire the life of Katie Davis, a young American missionary, who left everything behind to start a mission in Uganda, helping children who were in a vulnerable condition. She is a reflection of how God can use the life of any woman who decides to walk in His purpose and transforming her into a woman of influence. Katie Davis lived a process in which she exercised her faith, and the fruit of said process was impacting hundreds of lives. She adopted 13 girls and founded a non-profit organization where those children from this beautiful nation are taught.


As we study the lives of different Bible characters, we see that God is a God of processes and that through faith He leads us to His purpose which allows us to influence thousands of people.


Isaiah 51:2 (NASB)
¨Look to Abraham your father and to Sarah who gave birth to you in pain; When he was only one I called him, then I blessed him and multiplied him.”


Pastor Esra Barrios

Scripture to study:


  • Write down three areas where you need to prepare yourself to find your purpose.
  • Write down three things you should leave behind and describe the influence you could have on other people by doing so.