Dear friend,
Did you know that there are amazing plans for your life?


Maybe, just like me, you´ve asked yourself, is this all I was born for? I found a valuable truth in the Word of God, the Bible tells us that God created us with a purpose, and we need to believe it.


When I began my walk with Christ, my heart burned with passion for Him and the souls. There was a genuine thirst in me to share about the salvation that had reached me. My cultural context, the family I was born in, and the situations I lived in my youth made up the filter I saw myself through. I couldn´t see past my fears and insecurities, and many areas of my life needed to be healed and restored by His Spirit. My husband, who also had an encounter with Jesus, has a very charismatic personality, and the flame of his first love for God quickly made him an evangelist. I´m not going to lie to you, at the time I was tempted to just be his support. However, in His love, the Lord opened my eyes and allowed me to see the plan He had designed for me. He wanted me to be a powerful tool in His hands. Twenty-five years have gone by, and I have understood that He put His message in my mouth, and my responsibility is to fulfill His supreme calling which is to preach and influence many lives to be changed.

There´s a woman whose testimony has deeply impacted me, not only because she took on her calling with passion and determination, but because she was also able to work with her husband and family to impact their generation. In one of the times of greatest darkness and social decay in 19th century England, a woman with a deep passion for the lost rose up as a pioneer in one of the greatest evangelical and social movements in history. She was the wife of the Methodist pastor and co-founder of the Salvation Army. In 1865, Catherine and her husband William Booth began this movement with a social objective of helping those lost in alcohol, drugs, and prostitution. Today, the Salvation Army has reached millions of people in more than 132 countries for more than 150 years. Catherine supported her husband in ministry by visiting the homes of families who had problems with alcohol. This fire that burned in her heart pushed her to venture into preaching in a time where it was not common to see women preach the gospel. She had to face unbelief and opposition from many people, which led her to submerge herself in the Scriptures, for it was the only place she found solid arguments to actively participate in ministry and announce the gospel.


With her husband’s support, she wrote a pamphlet titled, Female Ministry: Woman´s Right to Preach the Gospel. Encouraged by William to give a few words during one of his sermons was what started the ministry of a powerful girl-preacher. Catherine would be known as the Mother of the Army; she dedicated herself to work with her husband, known as The General, and her eight children in big evangelistic movements. I love The Booth´s story, a family with purpose, love, passion, and complete surrender!


The call of God will become a reality in your life. He has equipped you with unique talents, He has made you an instrument to take salvation and social transformation. Even though sometimes your life feels like it has no meaning, don´t lose heart! The suffering, afflictions, and trials are all part of the process. Every day that goes by you are getting closer.


God will fulfill His purpose in you!


Pastor Maribel Munar

Scripture to study:


  • Take some time to reflect.
  • Have your passion and determination for Jesus taken you to preach the message of salvation?
  • Have you worked with your family to impact this new generation?
  • Ask God how He wants you to serve Him through what He has entrusted to you!