Two years ago, I received devastating news, the kind I never thought I´d hear. I had been diagnosed with breast cancer…what painful, hopeless, and frustrating news! I found myself in a dead-end street, and not to mention the reactions my body had when I started chemotherapy. With every surgery (seven in total) came unbearable pain. Seeing myself bald was heartbreaking. I felt my life was over.


However, all of this allowed me to experience a faith that heals and takes action. God gave me His sweetest and most strengthening words to quench my thirst. He picked me up and helped me face this very hard process, bringing out the best in me and turning my pain into a precious pearl. Today, my experience serves me in helping hundreds of women who are going through the same situation.


Many women become frustrated and feel stuck in the valley of pain, in my case, it was sickness. God doesn´t want us to have a victim attitude. Don´t say, ¨I can´t, I´m going to give up¨. On the contrary, believe the He is your Healer, Restorer, and that He is calling you to fulfill your purpose.

The missionary Lidya Prince did not have a victim attitude; she understood the plan of God for her life. Her biography is fascinating! She lived a very comfortable life, but her sensitivity to God led her to do what really filled her heart. She founded an orphanage and became a mother to thousands of children. She met their material and physical needs and believed in healing miracles; when she prayed for them many were healed.


Lydia lived firsthand that compassion and service bring healing. She understood the spiritual power God had given her and felt her boldness exceed the physical. She resisted believing the enemy´s lies, she fought and conquered. Lydia Prince set free the power of her faith to serve God and others.


Dear woman, when we are no longer focused on our need, but on God, He releases healing and restoration, and we can step out in faith to see His power in our lives.


Today I want to invite you to get up and believe that miracles are for you! God healed me and strengthened me in every stage of my process, and He will also do it with you.


This is the time for supernatural and creative miracles, so you need to believe that the Lord will answer you and bring you out of that dark valley. God can use the circumstances you are going through to make you a woman of influence who makes her mark on humanity.


Declare Luke 10:19 (NLV): ¨Listen! I have given you (women) power to walk on snakes. I have given you power over small animals with a sting of poison. I have given you power over all the power of the one who works against you. Nothing will hurt you¨.


Pastor Connie Villamil

Scripture to study:


  • Prepare colored sheets of paper and your favorite pens.
  • Choose the best place to have some alone time with God without any distractions.
  • Write God a letter telling Him how you´re doing, what you´re thinking, how you´re feeling, what miracles you need Him to do in your life, etc.
  • Don´t hold back any details in this letter. Open up your heart and tell Him even the painful moments, the bad news, or adverse diagnosis you are facing, knowing that in His presence you will find the comfort you need.
  • Lastly, ask God to give you that faith that heals and takes actions. Decide to believe that He is in control of your life, that what you are living today has a purpose, that He will bring out the best in you, and that He will make you into a precious pearl!