One way or another, we´ve all always wanted to have good friends. We don´t want to be alone, and many times friends aren´t always around or may fail us. But there is a great Friend who is faithful and true, He is my Friend.


I grew up as an only child and always had the need to have someone to play with and share with. Though I had friends, they didn´t stick around. But when I had the opportunity to experience my encounter with Jesus, His Spirit filled me and healed my wounds. I discovered that He really was a true Friend who would never leave me or fail me, but take me to conquer great miracles.


Later, I got married and had three beautiful children. However, I lived trials I never thought I´d have to face, like my son David José being diagnosed with down syndrome or told that Emmanuel was blind after the doctors detected a problem in his eyes during a check-up. They were difficult times for my faith, moments where many people questioned me and pointed fingers. But He was always there, my best Friend. He never accused me, pointed His finger at me, or rejected me. He walked through that valley of uncertainty, loneliness, and shame with me. He also walked with me into the land of faith and miracles. Today, 13 years later, I can say that the Holy Spirit, my Friend, comforted me. I can see the miracle in my kids every day; David is in a normal school and developing himself in wisdom, gifts, and talents, and Emmanuel had a miraculous surgery and did not lose his vision.


Today I can say that He is my Friend and that I believe in miracles! I met the miracle maker, and I see how God has shown me His goodness in the land of the living.

There is a woman who inspired me to make the Holy Spirit my best Friend, her name is Kathryn Kullman. She was born in the United States, gave her life to the Lord when she was 14 years old, and made Him her best Friend. She developed her faith and always said, ¨I believe in miracles!¨, which actually became her most well-known phrase. She took the message of faith and hope to thousands of people. There are countless healings and miracles the Holy Spirit did through her life.


Her ministry could be considered the most influential ministry led by a woman in the last century. She is a great inspiration of faith because her heart was completely surrendered to the Lord, which was the secret of her amazing ministry. She decided she would be faithful to Him and not grieve Him. However, she was a woman subject to temptations and made mistakes. What made the difference for her was recognizing her mistakes and doing something to get out of them, despite others´ looks, comments, and rejection.


The Bible shares the story of a woman who was rejected and humiliated, and left in ruin and poverty. No doctor had been able to heal her, but after 12 years of suffering, she was strengthened in her faith and believed for a miracle. She said, ¨If I could just touch the hem of His robe I will be healed¨, and crawling to His feet, she touched His robe. Jesus did not reject her, but gave her His healing and saving power (Mark 5:24-34).


He is my Friend. He will not fail you or reject you. He will not look down on you. Your shame doesn´t matter, neither do the years you´ve been distant matter. Make the Holy Spirit your best Friend. He will bring comfort and healing no matter the time of your sickness, pain, or suffering. He is my Friend and I believe in miracles!


He is my Friend, and He is yours too!
Zuleyma Devia

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  • Set time aside to be alone and talk with our best Friend. Write Him a letter expressing how much you desire Him, what you´re going through, and what You want Him to do in and through you.